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I will be participating in CandyCane-Lane Secret Santa group! They are welcoming new members, so feel free to join!

Dear Secret Santa, my wishes are...

1. My Splatoon OCs Caleb and Evan together. They are boyfriends, so you can draw them going on a date or doing something cute. They also have character profiles with the drawings if you need more information on them.
 Caleb by breina Evan by breina squid love by breina

2. Any of my little Greek babies. I will give a little more information below.

*Castell is Asher's big sister. She loves him more than anything, and looks out for him. He likes to be mischievous and bug his sister sometimes, but not to the extent of being mean to her.  
*Indigo and Asher are buddies. Indigo is very shy and doesn't speak much, but can open up easily to Asher. Asher brings out the best in her. 
*Galeon and Castell do not get along. Castell, being the overprotective sister, doesn't like Galeon getting close because he constantly mistakes Asher for being someone else.
*Asher isn't very close to Galeon, but is very curious about him.
*Castell and Indigo get along and love to go shopping for dresses together.

Overall they are all pretty close friends, and get along well. Everyone just has different quirks.

Character Chart 1 by breina Sunrise by breina Sylva by breina

3. Kid Icarus:Uprising Pit and Dark Pit together. I love these two so much. If you can just squish them together, that'd be awesome. They don't necessarily have to be a couple either. Some are drawings I've done of them together.

mwah by breina Scorched Wings by breina Dinner For Two by breina

As for my style, it's typically anime-related. I really like drawing males, but I can draw females too. Also squids *thumbs up*
I won't be able to be an extra this year in-case someone drops out. 
Caleb by breina

Name: Caleb
Personality: Thoughtful, stubborn & timid
Gear: Pilot Goggles, Vintage Check Shirt, & Turquoise Kicks

Biographical Information -</strong> Newest member to the team. Though he is very cautious and strategical, he has a tendency to daydream in the middle of turf war. He isn’t too fond of fighting others, but he works hard for his team and doesn’t quit easily.

He fears rollers. (don’t we all)


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